iShutdown Timer


iShutdown Timer
iShutdown Timer is a simple program that's designed for those who want their PCs to shutdown automatically. This provides basic functions such as shutdown, log off, and stand by. Generally, the user just sets an amount of time, and your computer will be turned off after the countdown is finished. This is a useful utility for your PC and easy to use.


          - Turn off, restart, log off, or stand by computer automatically
          - Timer with hours and minutes
          - Themes that fits your operating system
          - Customizable
          - Halt if documents have not been saved
          - Easy to use
          - Portability: take with you any where  

System Requirements
          - Windows Installer 3.0
          - Microsoft Framwork 3.5

Update Info V 1.5
          - New look on the icons
          - Comes with the installer and the uninstaller
          - Run at start up feature

          Download iShutdown Timer