Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hi everyone! First of all thanks for stopping by. My name's Arrak. This is my blog for the purpose of sharing hobby software I create. You guys can download it for free.


 Desktop Slideshow V 1.5

Desktop Slideshow lets you change desktop wallpapers automatically. You just set the amount of time you want and then 
the program will slideshow your pictures as desktop backgrounds.


Megaman Killer

A platform g
ame about Ninjaman fighting against the heroes like Megaman and other bosses. Collecting blue items to get your new weapon makes life easier. Just play it. It’s fun. Check out our awesome game site

This is my first platform game. I borrowed Nerdy Ninja sprite being the main char and some sprites from Megaman games being the evils. You got to collect blue items in each stage to get a new weapon. This game is easy but a bit tricky. If you like action platform games, this one is right for you. I hope you enjoy it.


Neo Replace

Neo Replace isa tool that allows web developers to replace texts in a file. Users can also replace texts in multiple files or a specified folder with just a few clicks. To use the program, the user just type in texts to be replaced and type in new texts; the program will automatically replace those texts in that file. This program only support currently supports actual text files including .htm, .php, .xml, .txt and many more. This program doesn't support binary files like doc, xls, obt, and ppt. This program is free to use


iShutdown Timer

iShutdown Timer is a simple program that's designed for those who want their PCs to shutdown automatically. This provides basic functions such as shutdown, log off, and stand by. Generally, the user just sets an amount of time, and your computer will be turned off after the countdown is finished. This is a useful utility for your PC and easy to use.